Coming up with and choosing a blog name is the next step you need to take in starting a blog

By now you should have chosen what type of blog you are going to have, and what the niche of your blog is going to be.

Coming up with a blog name can be a challenge for new blog owners. You want your blog to reflect who you are and what your blog is about, but coming up with the name and avoiding the problems that may arise when naming a blog can seem like a big task.

I am going to share with you 7 easy ways to brainstorm your blogs name, how to check if the name is available, and where to purchase your domain name from.

I use the word blog name and domain name interchangeably in this post.

1. Words Related To Your Niche Topic or Target Market

A blog name that is related to what your blog is about or who your blog is for lets your readers know what they are reading about might help them remember to find you again later, and can help you stand out from all the other blogs.

Eventually, it can be easier to convert your blog to an authority blog on for that particular blog topic or for that specific target market.

Some great examples of blogs that include the topic of their blog or their target market right in their blog names are:

Improve Photography –  Is a blog about photography. 

All Free Sewing – Is a blog for free sewing patterns.

Niche Hacks – Is a blog about finding Niches to market to online.

The idea with this step is to pick a name related to your niche topic. 

However, sometimes you can pigeonhole yourself in a blog topic or target market. The blog name, “The Momma Hustle” probably won’t resonate with Dads or women without kids as much. Sure there is a lot of helpful information in here, but it is catered towards moms and their multi-tasking juggling act. 

While I was sure I wanted to talk specifically to mommas, I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk just about blogging. Someday, I might want to expand to other ways we Momma’s can Hustle online and make a living. So I tried to keep it open but still, reference a target market.

My caution would be when using a target market or blog topic in your blog name is to make sure you don’t niche down too much. Don’t use too pointed of a specific niche.

For example, if you were going to blog about Horseback Riding and you wanted to talk about Dressage. While naming your blog, might resonate with your niche. If you ever want to talk about things other than Dressage your blog name has got you stuck.

If you choose to use your blogs topic or target market in your blog name make sure you use a large niche with more general topics. Or someday you might find yourself stuck for content.

2. Names for You

Your name will work well when you are trying to brand yourself as an expert in your field. If you want to be known as that person to go to for advice on a particular subject, then using your name as your blog name can work well for you. So if you are going to start an authority blog or a teaching blog, using your name could be a good idea. 

Using your name as a blog name seems to very popular in niches where you are selling your knowledge and information online.

Another way to use your name in your blog name is to use your first or last name and add a descriptive word to it. For me, I might choose a name like RachaelsDailyDose. That blog name would work well for a lifestyle blog.

However, it is usually not a good idea for bloggers that are just starting or don’t have a clear focus on what their blog is yet or have an established name for themselves. Using your full name as your blog name is something that you can do later on.

Also, there is a significant pitfall to this. If you create a successful blog, but down the road decide you want to expand into something else, and that blog isn’t exciting or going to work for you anymore, you might want to sell it. (This is a thing, and you can make good money doing this with successful blogs)

I know right now its hard to imagine selling your blog, and it is is a whole other topic, and can get a little complicated so that we won’t get into that here. BUT, when or if you sell your blog it involves our domain name too. You can’t just sell your content to someone else; they won’t get the traffic or the contacts or the SEO juice that your domain name brings, you have to sell your domain name too.

If it is your name you won’t want to give it up and probably people won’t want to buy it. So you will have to keep it.

Finally, you don’t have to use your name at all; you can use a name for you as your blog name.

Choose a name that describes you like where you are in your life, where you live, what you do, who you are, etc… A great example of this is The Pioneer Women. Ree’s blog is about her and her life. But she has branded it with something that describes who she is. 

I am a mom to four girls, and I have a set of twins in the middle. Some blog names I might use for a lifestyle blog about my life is My Twin Sandwich. 😄

3. Unrelated Brandables

The third way to come up with a name for your blog is to choose completely random unrelated words that you like, and that looks good to you. 

The idea behind this concept is that you brand the name and that is what your blog becomes known as. For example, Pepsi is not called the Carmel Soda Drink, its called Pepsi and we know what it is because we have become familiar with the products brand name. Not what it is, but what it is branded as.

A few examples of website names that are just branded names and have nothing to do with the content or the creator are:

  • Quick Sprout
  • Crazyegg
  • Wishpond
  • Buffer
  • Popsugar
  • Twitter

Branded names work well for a few reasons. 

  1. You don’t pigeonhole yourself, like with the two other options while they help you connect with your audience, you limit what your blog is about.
  2. You will have an easier time trademarking a completely made up name. 
  3. You can be unique. You stand out from the crowd.
  4. Your blog name doesn’t matter. ?

Wait. What? Your blog name doesn’t matter????


It is what the content of your blog is that matters to people. I usually read the content first, then I when I get hooked, I try to remember what the blog name is so I can come back later. I mean, if this is the first article (or even the second or third article) you read on this blog, you might not have known what the name of this blog was except for the fact that I said it a few times.

So don’t overthink it. Just pick a name and go with it. You might have buyers remorse later, but really in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get started creating that valuable content. Call your blog the blogsmogtoggie, and it might work for you. 

4. Adding Words

Now you can take any of the blog name ideas above, your blog’s topic or target market, your name or names related to you, or completely unrelated brandable names, and mix it up.

Mixing it up involves, adding fun or relevant adjectives, adverbs, verbs or nouns to your base word (blog topic, target market, your name, a fun base word) to help describe the blog better and make it unique. 


  • RealisticWriter
  • MommyingFrugally
  • RivetingRachael
  • BloggingCheaply

5. Changing Words

You can mix it up further by using a thesaurus to find words similar to the main word.

I used this method when I was coming up with The Momma Hustle. I wanted to talk about jobs or things moms can do online to make money. So I looked up similar words for jobs, and I cam up with hustle.

This method is good to use if the domain name you want is unavailable.

You can look it up in a thesaurus, or I google “what is another word for X,” or what is a “synonym for X.”

6. Make It Rhyme Or Use Alliterations

Rhyming words are easy to remember. They are catchy too. Take the name you are thinking of and put it into RhymnDB to find words that rhyme with your base word. 

For example, some words that rhyme with photo are:

PhotoDoto or PhotoSoto.

Also, words that start with the same letter, alliterations, tend to be easy to remember and are fun to say. Some examples of words or phrases that begin with the same letter are.

  • SassySalads
  • PointedPoinsettas
  • PeculiarPerfumes

7. My Favourite – AND

Finally, my last trick for mixing it up is combining two words with ‘and.’ For example:

  • Elephant and Puppies
  • Pippa and Preston
  • Raindrops and Icicles (winter is coming here)

Check To See If The Domain Name Is Available

While I am brainstorming names, I like to keep open and type the names in to see if the .com is available for sale. Even though you can, I have never purchased a domain name from I like the easy interface when I am researching.

The company I like to purchase my domain names from is, or you can buy directly from your hosting provider. 

You will find a lot of names unavailable, but no one is using the name. 

Just keep brainstorming until you find one that does work for you.

Don’t Overthink It

It is just a name. *gasp*.😮

Don’t spend weeks picking your blogs name. You should be able to pick your blogs name in a day or 1-2 hours, but a day tops!

It will never be perfect, no matter what you will probably get tired of it, and in the end, people don’t care as much as you do about it. They care more about what you write, and how that content or information helps them.

Just follow the do’s and don’ts in this post, brainstorm your name, and get started today!

So, what have you named your blog?