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Finding a blog niche that drives traffic and makes money are important elements of choosing a blog niche.

While it is also important to be passionate about your niche and have some experience or knowledge with your niche, having a target market that has needs that they want to be solved, and are looking for products that can help them solve those needs is an important part of picking a blog niche that will make money.

Starting a blog is an excellent way for you to express yourself and share your love, life, and passions with others.

However, starting a blog also comes with the ability to make money online, and is a fantastic opportunity for moms who want to make money from home.

Today, for a little inspiration, I am going to share with you some favorite mom blogs that are in niches that drive traffic and make money.

Also, one thing you will find in this post is that none of the niches are blogs about blogging.

While you can make money in this niche, sometimes it feels like that might be the only way to make money blogging, and it isn’t!

The blogs below are making a full-time income in their niches that are not about blogging. They are rocking it!

Let’s explore these eleven blog niches that drive traffic and make money, these are niches you can start today and get on track to make money blogging!

1| Parenting Blog

The parenting niche is a very profitable niche. 

Parents have questions that need answers, and parents want products and services to help them parent better.

I remember when we brought our first child home from the hospital. I still remember thinking; they are just going to let us take her home, where is the handbook, shouldn’t I take a test to make sure I am going to be an ok parent.

I also remember saying quite regularly, “I am so glad she wasn’t a twin, I never want to have twins.” LOL….read my story here if you want to know how crazy that was.

Also, if you are a parent, you already know the struggles and worries every parent faces, and sometimes just sharing your experience is enough to help other parents learn and feel connected.

The blog Mommy on Purpose is a parenting blog from Carly, a stay at home mom who blogs about pregnancy, entertaining kids, keeping the house clean, and saving money.

She grew her blog quickly to over 400k pageviews, her last published blog income and traffic report shows in one year her making just over $5,000 a month blogging. Amazing!

The monetization of her blog comes from ads and affiliate marketing. What I found interesting was that the majority of her income comes from posts about parenting, not about blogging.

Way to go Carly!

2| Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness is a popular evergreen online niche. The health and fitness niche is a niche that doesn’t get old, people from the beginning of time have wanted to know how to stay and be healthy.

It is also a very profitable niche; there are many brands and companies offering opportunities for affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Tammy at Organize Yourself Skinny helps you lose weight by keeping you on track with an organized healthy food plan.

Tammy posted that she earns over 10,000 to 15,000 a month blogging, and her page views average is well over 50,000.

Her top ways of earning income are ad networks, her products, and private advertising. 

3| Lifestyle

A lifestyle blog is a blog about your life that targets many different topics. The blogs focus is usually on one specific demographic – new moms, moms with kids, animal lovers. 

Lifestyle blogs are great blogs to start when you have a lot to share about your life. The important things are that you don’t talk about too much, just a handful of topics that you can do well, and that you think will help other people.

It is likely that your life has products and services that help you. You can advertise and affiliate these products and services to help you monetize your blog.

The blog Million Dollar Mama by Ashli is a lifestyle blog about money, healthy living, and life and family.

Ashli is a stay at home mom that blogs about her life, being a mom, staying healthy, and making money.

Her blog income report, show that she makes around $5000/month.

She does this with JUST from Amazon affiliate marketing.

4| Frugal Living

Frugal living is a popular category right now. After all, one of the best ways to have more money is to save more money.

Frugal living blogs are solving a real problem for moms who maybe have had to quit their job to spend more time with there kids while working with a single income.

Kumiko from The Budget Mom has a lifestyle blog that helps moms budget, save money, live frugally, and deal with debt.

Kumiko last published blog income report shows her making just over $2,000!

Her main source of income comes from selling her physical products and sponsorships.

Another frugal living blog that is rocking it online is Making Sense of Cents.

While Michelle is not a mom, she is making lots of “cents” with her frugal living blog.

In December 2017 Michelle reported making just over $125,000 just for the month of December! Over the whole year of 2017, she made $1,500,000! YIKES, that is amazing!

She makes her income primarily from affiliate marketing and her digital course.

5| Home Decor

Do you love DIY projects or home decor? Home Decor is another amazingly popular niche, especially on Pinterest. Who doesn’t’ like to look at all those beautiful rooms!

Honeybear Lane is a blog about home decor that includes personal DIY tutorials, interior inspirations, and ways to decorate your home.

Heidi is a mom to 4, and she is so inspiring with her decorating tips and tricks.

Heidi has reported to making over $6,000, mainly through ad networks and sponsored posts.

6| Newborn

The newborn niche is an amazing niche to serve. As a mom, you know the needs of a newborn are endless.

When you are a mom for the first time, or even the fourth time, just what you need and what is the best is important to you.

I bought a new stroller with every single pregnancy I had. I am not crazy or excessive; my needs just changed with each pregnancy. 

My first pregnancy 1 kid = 1 cheapy stroller that didn’t turn well. 🙁

Second pregnancy twins = double stroller. The toddler had to walk. 🙁

Third pregnancy = Everyone wanted in the stroller. I didn’t want a huge stroller, so I needed something that would be sturdy and fit my needs. So I bought a crazy expensive, worth every penny, versatile stroller. The UppaBaby Vista, it had so many different add-ons like a rumble seat and a hoverboard back, and was a smooth ride over everything! All four kids found a way to hitch a ride on that thing. Happy Momma!

Ok, I digress.

Caroline from Swaddles n’ Bottles is making blogging her full-time income in the newborn niche.

The blog focuses on all things baby and is an excellent resource of information for moms with newborns.

Caroline reports to making just over $11,000 a month, with her blog. She makes this primarily with affiliate marketing and ads.

7| Christian Blog

The internet is a place where we look for answers to life’s tough questions. We want to connect and strengthen our way of life.

Christian Blogs are a great way to share your faith and support others.

Sarah has a blog called Sarah Titus, where she shares her faith and her creativity.

Sarah has reported to making just over $20,000 a month on her blog.

She makes her income with affiliates, ads, and digital product sales.

8| Knitting

Knitting is an amazing hobby that people really want to know more about. This creative niche is so visual that it is a perfect niche to promote on Pinterest.

Also, people want to know how to do it. My daughter last year decided she wanted to start knitting. I have no idea how to do it, but my mom showed her. She knits and crochets all the time now. She makes little animals. It is amazing.

Ashleigh of Sewrella is a mom and blogger who teaches you how to crochet and knit and shares her patterns to help you create.

Ashleigh reported earning just over $10,000 a month on her blog.

She makes most of her blogging income with ads, sponsored content, and YouTube. 

We will definitely be checking out her blog to help with our future crocheting projects.

9| Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and Fashion is a super popular topic on Pinterest. I love looking at posts for different styles for moms. This is such a fun niche to write about when your passion is fashion.

I love mommy fashion blogs. Sometimes, I need inspiration for comfortable, stylish clothing that resonates with me as a mom.

Sandy at Sandy A La Mode is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. She inspires us to have fun with life and dress better. 

Sandy’s last published blog income report shows that she makes just over $3,500 a month.

The majority of Sandy’s income came from blogging networks

10| Travel

If you have a passion for travel or you regularly frequent popular travel destinations than a travel blog might work for you.

Advice and planning tips for special travel destinations is important to people taking trips.

The way I look at it is that I spend so much money on vacation, that I want to do it right, so I look for advice from others that have been there, done that.

This Fairy Tale Life is a blog about Disneyland travel. While Mindy is not a mom, she does do a great job making money from her niche specific travel blog.

Mindy’s last reported blog income was just over $1,000 a month.

The majority of her income comes from ads.

11| Food

If you are energetic about food and creating great recipes for your family, the food niche is another way you can make money online. 

Food blogs are a great way to share your recipes, and the products and ingredients you use to create those recipes. 

Gretchen’s blog Fit Mom Journey is a great example of a food blog that makes money, but on a particular topic, Ketogenic Recipes.

Fit Mom Journey reported to making just under $8,000 a month on its last published income report.

The majority of her blogging income comes from ads.


As you can see, many blog niches drive traffic and make money, and moms everywhere are joining the hustle and doing it.

However, the most important step they took was starting their blog. If those blog never took those first initial steps of starting their blog, they would never have known what they could have done.

Want to learn how you can start a blog, that you can monetize? Check out this guide that will help you set up and start your blog today!

Do you have a blog that earns money, what blog niche are you in?