Branding your mom blog is a great way to set yourself apart from all the other bloggers out there.

Creating a memorable, consistent brand across your blog, social media channels, and advertising helps your consumers recognize you and remember you.

Think Amazon, whenever I see that package with the smily swoosh I know its Amazon. It even reminds me that I need to order that part for the dishwasher, and brings me back to their website for a purchase.

When you are just starting you can create your brand with a few main elements that will help you have a consistent look and feel across all the platforms you choose to reach your target audience.  

In this post, I share with you ways you can brand your blog when you are just starting.

Some of the main elements that are involved in creating a brand for your blog are picking your brand colors, choosing typography, creating a memorable logo, using a consistent feel and vibe for your visual content.

Picking Your Brand’s Colors

One of the best ways to establish a consistent brand for your blog is to create a color pallet.

Having a small color pallet that will help your customers identify your brand quickly and easily.

It is best to start with two main colors that help your customers remember your colors and not be overwhelmed by all the other color choices. From there you can add some simple accent colors that will help you content pop or stand out more.

You will notice on this blog my color pallet is rose gold pink, and a creamy gold color, I like to accent those colors with navies and purples.

Consistently using these colors in all your marketing, social media, and site colors will help your readers remember and recognize you when they see your posts in other places.

For more helpful tips on how to pick brand colors and why it is essential, check out this post from Design Your Own Blog.

I also like to use Coolors, it is an easy way to play around with different color pallets and see which ones go best together.


When choosing typography for your site and social media posts it is best to stick with two main font types. It helps keep your posts readable, consistent, and memorable.

Canva has a great post of 20 different font combinations that are both aesthetically pleasing and will help you fit with your brand.

Canva also has a great post on how to choose your typeface, and what each type of typeface can mean for your blog, check it out here.

One of the most important things when choosing a typeface is to make sure it is readable. Even though it looks pretty, it might not be something that is easy for the most person to read. 

Take a look at other blogs for inspiration see how they use their typefaces and what is typical for them.

Create a Logo

Your logo is the face of your brand. It is what you most strongly associate with a brand.

Creating a logo that people will recognize, and one that you can apply to all your marketing material is a great way to add consistency and relevancy to your brand’s marketing message.

You can create a memorable logo for free in Canva. Canva has lots of great templates and fonts to choose from, and it can help make your logo creation an easy process. 

However, just a word of caution, if you are using Canva or another free site like Canva, you can not create a trademark for your logo design. Trademarking your name is a different option, but the design you do not own. 

The Momma Hustle Logo was just created in Canva using different font types.

If you want something a little more creative, do a quick search on Etsy to have a custom logo design created for you like this shop at WearCreatives.

Or if you have a larger budget another option for logo designs would be 99Designs.

You will need to check with each shop and logo designer about usage rights and trademarking the design, as they all will have different terms and conditions.

Don’t stress too much about your logo. While it is important, it can change and grow with you as your brand grows. Just pick something that reflects you and go with it!

Your Photos

The photos you use on your site, and social media accounts should have a consistent branding with what your site represents. Try to pick photos that are representative of your niche, and that appeal to their esthetics.

You can take your photos yourself, or you can use stock photos from photo sites.

Some amazing sites I like to use for free and affordable feminine stock photos are:

I also like to use digital paper that I purchase from places like Creative Market for backgrounds of my blog post headers and social media content, that I can easily add shapes and typography too in Canva.

Just remember to always check the terms and conditions of usage rights for the photos before you use them. Some need to have an attribution link shared back to the post, some are not for commercial purposes, and some are free to use.


As I mentioned before creating a brand for your mom blog is a great way set yourself apart, and be more memorable in your reader’s minds.

This post covered the first few elements that are involved in creating a brand for your blog, from picking your brands colors, to choosing your brand’s typography, creating a logo, and using imagery and photos to help your content pop. 

These are ways you can create a uniform consistent, memorable brand across all your social media platforms and blog.

How about you? What do you struggle with when you are creating your brand? What is your favorite part of creating a brand for your blog?

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