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There is no better time to start your Business goal setting for 2019 than right now.

Goal setting is a great way to keep your blog on track to success and make things happen.

Once you have clear goals, set you can implement the strategies and tactics to make sure you get your goals done.

I love planning and setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. I look at these goals as the milestones I want to achieve in my business.

In this post, I am going to share with you my favorite ways to set my goals, and how I plan to implement those goals with my strategies and tactics.

Start planning for the BIG things of 2019 today by following my 9-step process to set goals for your business in 2019.

It’s planning time!

1| Define Your Goal Types

The first place to start when setting your business goals is to define the types of goals you want to achieve. 

The main types of goals I want to achieve in my business are:

  1. Time Management Goals
  2. Content Goals
  3. Promotional Goals
  4. Income Goals
  5. Education Goals

1. Time Management Goals

I NEVER have enough time. That is one of the most significant problems I face in my business. 

Time management goals are the goals you set to help you plan your time out better and avoid distractions or time wasters. 

Some questions you can ask to help you define your time management goals are:

  • What ways can you plan out your time better?
  • What are some scheduling techniques you can use to keep you focused?
  • What are your biggest time wasters?
  • What are your biggest distractions?

You need to be focused and work smarter to get things done in your business. Having a good plan and schedule of what needs to be done when is one of the best ways to be more productive with the valuable time you do have.

Get rid of the distractions, i.e., TV, social media, etc., in your life that keeps you from being productive.

2. Content Goals

Content is the backbone of my business and one of the most important things I do, as a blogger, to make money online.

Whether you are marketing or creating information, you need to have clearly defined contents goals so that you can make sure you consistently and efficiently get your content produced and published.

Some questions you can ask to help you define your content goals are:

  • What type of content do you want to promote: written, video, podcast?
  • What different places do you need to promote content on: blog, social media, etc.?
  • How often do you want to publish your content define each place you want to promote your content?

A great way to stay on track with your content goals is to develop a content plan. Check out this post for how to create a content plan for more insight on how to do that.

3. Promotional Goals

Sue, your blog can get traffic without you promoting your content, its called SEO. However, it takes a lot longer, and unless you are doing some amazing SEO, your blog will probably get lost in all the noise.

Having clearly defined promotional goals for your blog helps you stay on track of what needs to be promoted when, where, and how.

Having a marketing plan in place helps you clearly define what needs to be done for the promotion of your blog or business.

Some questions you might ask to help you define your promotional goals are:

  • What platforms do you want to promote on? Social Media, YouTube…
  • Do you need to educate yourself on how to use those platforms?
  • How often do you need or want to be active on those platforms?
  • What do you want to accomplish: more followers, likes, and shares?

4. Income Goals

Managing your time, creating content, and promoting your content are all important things in your blogging business.

However, the way to make money blogging is to monetize your blog.

Deciding how you are going to monetize your blog, what ways you can expand your current offerings, and what your income goals are is a great way to stay on top and make money blogging.

If you need some tips on how to monetize your blog check out this post for 7 ways you can monetize your mom blog!

Some questions you might ask to help you define your income goals are:

  • What are you current monetization efforts?
  • What new monetization efforts do you want to add?
  • How are you going to promote your money making products?
  • What are your income goals for next year?

5. Education Goals

The final type of goal I want to share with you is your education goals. 

I never want to, or can I stop, learning in an online business. There are always new platforms and opportunities that I need to promote on. There are always changes in the current way I do things. Finally, there are always new ways to make money online that can help me expand and grow my business.

That is why having an education goal of what I need to learn to do better in my business is always part of my overall goal strategy for each year.

Some questions you can ask to help you define your education goals are:

  • What things in my business do I feel I should learn more about?
  • What new platforms do I want to try that I need more knowledge about?
  • What are ways I can improve my business through learning in the coming year?

2| Define Your Goal Time Frame

While you can plan out your goals for the entire year, it is better to start with smaller time frames to achieve each of the goals. It will help you stay focused, and be able to pivot your goals easier as you see your successes and failures with your set goals.

When setting your goals, you should focus on the first 6 months at a time.

If you are a newer business, you might even want to focus on less time, 3 months, or 1 month. 

The important thing is that you reexamine your goals at the end of each time frame and clearly define new ones and modify the ones did or didn’t work.

3| Set Aside Time For Business Goal Setting

Take an afternoon or a day. Break off a chunk of time out of your schedule when you won’t be interrupted to brainstorm and set your business goals.

Eliminate distractions. If you have small children at home, consider getting a babysitter and going to a coffee shop. 

The important thing is, you need to be focused on setting these goals and clearly defining what you need to do to get your business goals accomplished.

If you keep coming back to goal setting when you have time, you might never see it happen. Setting your business goals all at once helps you see clearly how it will all piece together and how you are going to accomplish those business goals.

4| Break Out The Supplies

How you brainstorm and write down your business goals is all part of the goal-setting process. 

Everyone is different in this area, and we all have different techniques and products we like to use to brainstorm to get our creative juices flowing.

Some supplies that might help you set your business goals are:

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5| Brainstorm Your Business Goals

What are your goals for each of your goal types?

  • Time Management Goals
  • Promotional Goals
  • Content Goals
  • Income Goals
  • Education Goals

What are your opportunities and big dreams for the next 6 months? 

Do you want to launch a new digital product?

Do you want to look into new social media platforms?

Do you want to write a new book?

What are the things you are going to do even though you don’t like to?

These are the things you make excuses for not doing. These are things you procrastinate on because you find them uncomfortable or frustrating. These are the things that you know if you did them, you would have way more success in your business.

Define these things and make it a priority that you will not procrastinate on them any longer, you will get them done.

Where do you see yourself at the end of this goal planning period?

What are your traffic stats?

How much income are you going to make?

How many followers are you going to have on social media?

Clearly define your future successful self, be specific!

6| Look Back To Look Forward

When you are planning for the future take a look at your past year’s metrics. 

What things worked for you that you can make better?

What things didn’t work for you that you need to improve on or need to let go? 

How did you make money, can you ramp this process up, can you expand on more products or services like that?

Where did your traffic come from?

Are you able to apply that traffic strategy to other areas of your business?

7| Break Down Your Business Goals

Start by defining the strategies you need to do to accomplish those goals and the specific tactics you want to implement to make sure those strategies happen.

For example, one of my promotion goals is to get more traffic to my site from social media.

One of the strategies I would use to do this is to use Pinterest more, develop a better following and promote my content regularly and consistently. (Regular and consistent pinning is an excellent strategy for Pinterest).

Tactics I am going to use to accomplish this strategy is to:

8| Write Down Your Business Goals

Write it down.

Get out a calendar, poster board, or pages with sticky notes, and write down what you are going to accomplish each day.

set your business goals

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Be specific:

Are you going to work on your Pinterest strategy today? Write it down.

Do you need to write a blog post? Creating time for it and write it down.

Is posting regularly to Social Media a priority? Write down what content you are going to promote and when.

The important thing is that you write it down and commit to it.

You can’t accomplish things thinking about what you are going to do, you need to actually start doing those things.

9| Make Your Business Goals Happen

Action Time Momma!

You can’t accomplish things thinking about what you are going to do you need to actually do those things.

If you want 2019 to be your biggest your yet, commit to showing up and making it happen!


Make it happen today!

Start setting your business goals now and get things done.

Define your goal types. What types of goals do you need to set to make your business a success?

Set a specific time frame to accomplish your business goals in.

Make sure you set aside time to brainstorm and create your business goals.

Get good supplies that will help you with your creativity and brainstorming of your business goals, keep it simple with a notebook or keep it malleable with sticky notes.

ACTION! Start brainstorming your business goals.

Look to the past to improve your business goals for the future.

Break out your business goals into strategies and tactics to accomplish those goals.

WRITE IT DOWN for reals. Put it in your calendar, what are you going to do when.

TAKE ACTION! You can answer all the questions, you can get all the fancy post-it notes and papers, but the most important thing is setting your business goals, is to actually do and accomplish your business goals. Take action and get ’em done Momma. 

You got this!