Where I live, we are blessed to have the opportunity to have 1-year of maternity leave. However that still wasn’t enough time, even at 1 she still felt like a baby to me like she needed me. Like I needed her.

I soon realized the 9-5 office gig was not going to work for me. I couldn’t do it and still be the mom I wanted to be

I had a ton of reasons why:

Daycare was expensive.

My commute was long. My 9-5 was more like an 8-6.

We ate supper at 6:30, and put her to bed at 7:00…?

My husband already worked long hours.

However, the most important reason of all was, I missed her, and I wanted to spend time with her…

But how was I going to do that?

How was I going to give up my cushy “9-5” cushy job, with all the benefits and perks and….money.

It took me a while… The ah-ha moment came when I was driving home from work early one day to go pick up my little sick baby from daycare, and I realized, this wasn’t going to work.

I needed to figure out a better way to contribute to my family economically, and still be there for my little girl. 

So I started reading.

I started studying.

I started learning how to work from home.

It wasn’t easy. This was almost ten years ago now, and the information wasn’t as plentiful as it is now. 

Plus I was busy, I worked, the rest of the time I spent with her, and then I crashed at night. Still, I knew there had to be something better.

However, even though I wasn’t happy, I couldn’t take the plunge to give up the security that my job had to offer.

Then it happened…

We wanted to have another child. One more child to add to the mix. I had been back to work for a few months, my little girl was around 15 months old, and it was time to start planning for the two-year mark when baby #2 would come along.

Then I would get another year of maternity leave, and I could figure out how to make this not working thing work.


The one child was actually two children.

I was expecting twins. I would have three children just under the age of 2.

I couldn’t afford daycare.

I couldn’t go back to work.

So I started researching seriously, how to make money from home. 

I knew a few things that I liked to do. I LOVE marketing. My background is business, I took a business major in college, where I minored in accounting, but I really enjoyed the marketing courses. 

My first adventure into working from home was…

Drumroll, please………

Home party consultant.

I could stay at home all day and go out and do my parties at night. Perfect right?


I was prepping for the party all day; then I would be gone all night. I was doing shows and events on weekends.

Being a home party consultant wasn’t exactly a stay at home job.

Plus home party companies are hard work; there is a lot of competition, once your friends get annoyed, I mean have bought all that stuff from you, sales can dry up pretty quickly.

I didn’t love going to other peoples houses that I didn’t know, at the time, online Facebook parties weren’t a thing.

Also, I knew deep down that I would never make enough to replace a full-time income.

I don’t give up easily…

Enter baby #4.

Three years had passed since the twins were born, and we thought we needed to even out our girl party.

So baby #4 came along, and my home party business went bye bye.

Now, I knew I needed to get serious about this. I started studying, how to make money from home. Like really from home. I researched how to make money passively from home so that I would be present for my family.

I honestly didn’t have a lot of time in those early years to do anything significant, but I had time to learn and read.

So, I read, and read, and read, and read. 

I read about how to invent products.

I read about how to start an e-commerce store.

I read about how to start a blog.

I read about how to create an app.

I read about how to start an affiliate site. 

I read about how to Dropship.

I read about how to make money freelancing.

I read about how to create an online site.

I started taking courses about how to make money online.

Then I finally started. 

I knew I still needed to balance my time with my family and the work I wanted to get done. While they were all in bed or when my hubby was in on the weekends, or during nap time. I would start starting.

I decided to start with affiliate sites. I felt this was a great way to create and launch a website while making a little bit of money. I didn’t have to worry about inventory. I just needed to do a good job with free traffic or SEO.

My first site took a couple of months to create, launch and see the fruit of my labor.

It wasn’t glamorous, but I learned so much from it. I learned how to set up a hosting account, how to create a website using WordPress, and how to start working on the SEO.

I wouldn’t say it was a windfall, I made a little bit of money, covered the hosting, most of my time to create it, and maybe a little extra. However, it was money, and it was passive money… I didn’t always have to be there for it to make something.

I created a few more sites like this, then thought it was time to try something a little bigger.

Drop Shipping.

I thought this would be great to experience the world of e-commerce without having to buy inventory.

I learned so much from it. I learned how to set up an e-commerce WordPress site. How to set up a payment processor. How to create ads, and how to deal with a Drop Shipper.

My success with this adventure was so-so. I learned a lot. 

However, I found marketing physical products hard, there was so much competition in Drop Shipping, and the profit margins were low.

It just wasn’t going to work for me. So I ditched the Drop shipping sites and kept moving.

I didn’t give up. I kept trying. I realized that even the minor success, or no success, was ok. I learned something from every one of them.

Now my children were all In school full-time.

I kind of thought school-aged kids would be less work. BA-HAHAHAHAHA!

Nighttime activities, school sports, field trips, being home when they get off the bus, friends, fun, holidays, PA days, etc. etc. etc.!

I think I am busier now than when I had the 3 little at home. I am just not quite as sleep deprived.

The 9-5 office job still wasn’t going to work for me. I needed to do something.

I want to accomplish.

I want to contribute.

I want to succeed.

BUT I still want to be there for my family and all the daily things they do.

So I started blogging and creating digital products, passive income at it finest.

I create and market them on the days where kids or appointments or life doesn’t interfere.

I sell them whenever and wherever. On summer vacation sitting on the beach, watching my kids play in the sand. Soccer tournament watching my oldest make an assist. Watching the kids swim, off Grandmas dock. Playing board games with the family. I don’t have to be there. People come to my site, they buy, and I don’t have to be present.

I finally found it.

The journey was long…

and daunting, and I felt like I should give up…. a lot, but it finally worked.

I found something that worked for me.

I found something that worked with my talents.

I found something that worked for my family.

I could have done it quicker. I could have taken more courses, joined more mentorships.

I could have started ramping it up when my kids were little, but I wasn’t ready then, it didn’t fit with my priorities.

Along the way, I have learned so much.

I learned how to start a business.

I learned how to create a website.

I learned how to find my niche.

I learned how to create digital products.

AND, I learned how to market those products online.

That is why I started this blog. I want to share with you, all that I have learned, to help you along your business journey, to let you know I have been there I have done it, and you can do it too. Hopefully a little faster.

So join me on this journey, learn with me, and let’s start and creating something amazing.