Monetizing your mom blog is an excellent way for you to make money online.

However, making money from your blog is not an overnight thing. It takes time and patience to earn money from your blog. You need to create great consistent content, drive traffic to your blog, and engage your visitors.

If you do it right, however, you can start earning money from your blog, and a lot of the time that money can be made even when you are away from the computer.

One of the first blogs I started back in 2015 was a product review blog.

I set the blog up, created great static content (content that I didn’t need to update regularly), and two months later I had earned…nothing. Mind you I was only relying on SEO for traffic, you could say I was taking the slow road. 

Then it happened around 5-6 months my blog was getting found, and I was starting to make money. 

It wasn’t great money, maybe $100 a month, I think my marketing effort could have been a lot better.

This was my first taste of making money blogging, and when I realized that I could earn money this way, I knew I was on to something, and so began my journey into creating and monetizing blogs.

Whether you start to monetize your blog from the beginning, or you gradually ease into it as your blog traffic grows. It’s never too early to begin to think about and brainstorm ways to monetize your blog.

In this post, I share with you the 7 ways you can monetize your mom blog today!

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income, also known as affiliate marketing, is where you receive a commission from a company every time you refer someone to a product, and they purchase that product based on your recommendation.

Affiliate marketing is a great thing to implement in your blogs monetization strategy from day one because there is low risk, you don’t own the product, it is easy to sing up for, and it can happen naturally when you are writing a blog post.

For example, if you are a cooking blog, and you write a blog post about a recipe, you can have an affiliate link to any of the cooking tools you use and love while you were making the recipe.

Or, if you have a blog about crafts, and it involves needing to purchase craft supplies, you can have an affiliate link to the supplies that need to be purchased. It also helps the reader from having to search for those supplies!

You can promote anything with affiliate marketing; products, services, books, toys, fashion, cooking…etc. It fits into any niche.

Affiliate marketing works excellent if you have used the product, like the product, and genuinely feel the product would be of benefit to your readers.

When the reader clicks through on the affiliate link, you will get a small commission back from the company they purchased the product from. The reader does not pay any more for using the affiliate link; just the company pays you an advertising or promotion fee for helping them sell the product.

There are many places to find an affiliate program.

You can google your niche + affiliate program. 

find a cooking affiliate program

Or you can use an affiliate network like ShareASale.

Finally, there are shopping site affiliate programs, with the most well known being Amazon associates. Amazon associate is my personal favorite…and that is not an affiliate link. 

There are many ways you can add affiliate links to your blog.

You can add affiliate links to your blog on your blogs resource page. If you use the product, then others might want to too.

Writing great product reviews about a product you loved and used, or that helped you in some way, is another way to naturally ad affiliate links to your blog.

Warning…you do need to disclose when you are promoting an affiliate product. So that people are aware you do get a commission from the product or service you are promoting. However, if you are honestly promoting the product and genuinely love it, readers are usually not turned off by the disclosure.

Personally, if I know, I am going to purchase a product or service soon, and I read a blog post about how the product or service helped them, and it helped me make my purchasing decision, then I love to click on that affiliate link and share the love. I don’t pay more for a product and the person that put that time and effort into writing the post gets a small benefit.

Affiliate products are a great source of passive income because you just have to add the link. Then once it is published, that link can be seen over and over and over again. A lot of my affiliate revenue comes from posts I created years ago.

Passive income is income you earn, even when you are not working. It can take a lot of time and effort to set up your passive income strategies, like writing and promoting your blog post, but once that post has traffic, it can continue to earn income for a long time.

Some of the downsides to using affiliate marketing is that usually the commission or kickback you get from promoting an affiliate product isn’t that great. It takes a lot of sales and traffic before you can produce a decent income.

However, affiliate marketing is great for bloggers who are just starting out and want to monetize their blog, and for more established bloggers who want to supplement the monetization of their blogs.

Digital Products

You might start out selling affiliate products, but as your blog grows and you get a feel for what your readers want and need, you might want to sell digital products.

Most of the time digital products are products that you have created yourself.

Some digital products that your blog could sell are printables, workbooks, templates, e-books, and courses.

There are two ways you can sell your digital products. You can sell them directly on your website, or you can sell them in an established online marketplace.

Both options have their pros and cons. 

If you decide to sell on your website, you don’t have to give a cut of your sales or fees to a marketplace. But you do have to take care of the payment processing and setting up your website for e-commerce sales.

If you decide to sell on a marketplace, you get the added benefit of tapping into the marketplaces traffic. You can send visitors from your blog their too. However, the look and feel of your sales page can be limited, and sometimes the competitions can be fierce.

Digital products are a great source of income because you usually create them once and can sell them an infinite amount of time.

Also, if the products don’t involve any customization, you can sell digital products with automatic downloads, which is a great source of passive income.

However, you do need to put a lot of time and effort into creating them. Whenever I create a digital product I always take that risk that the days or weeks I put into it, will actually pay off in the end. 

Selling digital products is a great way to monetize your blog, with products that can help or add value to your readers.

Physical Products

Another way to monetize your blog is by selling a physical product, products that you can touch and feel.

Some examples of physical products you might want to sell are, t-shirts, posters, or products related to your niche that you can wholesale or create.

If you are interested in selling t-shirts or bags there are many great print-on-demand services that you can use like Printful; you can set up a design and have them create and ship the product for you. 

You can link your products to your website, or sell through online Marketplaces like Etsy.

If you think you will be selling through your website, you will have to set up an e-commerce portion to your blog and become PCI compliant.

Selling physical products that you create or wholesale is a great way to monetize your blog if your niche is receptive to it.

A great example of a blog that sells physical products, based on their niche is Polka Dots and Pikies Dust.  The girls over their blog about Disney vacations, but also have a shop with t-shirts related to their niche.

Just be careful that you don’t get in over your head, start small and see how your product sells before you invest lots of money into inventory.

If it works for your niche, consider selling physical products to monetize your blog.

Selling Services

If you have some special skill or knowledge to offer you can sell services to your blog readers as a way to monetize your blog.

Services can include anything from one-on-one coaching, consulting, and freelancing your writing, design, photography, social media management, etc.

Maybe you already have a skill or education in a particular field that you can help others do.

As you begin your blog, you might find there are some aspects, like managing your Pinterest account, that you are good at and find enjoyable, this might be something you can help others do too.

Whatever it is, if you love it, you could offer that service to someone else.

You can offer your services directly on your blog, or through a freelance service connector like Upwork, or both.

Unlike digital products, there is not a lot of prep work has to go into creating the service. Just deciding what and how you are going to offer the service.

And you don’t have to worry about buying inventory like you would with physical products.

However, selling your services is not a passive form of income. You will be making money as you work, but if it is something you enjoy, that work might be perfect for you.

Selling Advertisements

Another way to monetize your blog is to sell advertising space to advertisers.

Think of a newspaper, with all those advertisement spots. If you have enough eyes looking at your blog and posts, you can make money promoting other peoples products through advertisements space on your blog.

You do need to have a significant flow of traffic, before this method becomes profitable, usually around 10,000 views a month.

Also, your audience needs to be receptive of the advertisements. In some niches, advertisements just don’t do well, and some niches they are a perfect fit. 

You also need to have the space for advertisements in your blog design. Some bloggers like to put advertisements in the sidebar of their blog, some put it right in between content, and others put it on a separate page specifically for advertisers.

Just make sure you do not oversaturate your blog with advertisements, as this becomes distracting, and can turn some readers off.

However, advertising placements are something worth considering and experimenting with to see if it is the right fit to help monetize your blog.

Some options for placing ads on your blog is using an ad network like AdSense. AdSense is one of the most popular and easy ways to set up advertising for your blog. 

However, you could also consider reaching out directly to potential advertisers to advertise on your site. If you go this route a good way to manage those ads is through a platform like BuySellAds.

Selling advertisements can be a neat way to monetize your blog if it works for your niche.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews or sponsored posts are another way for your blog to make money.

A sponsored review is a post you write about someone’s product or service that they pay you to write.

You need to be selective when writing a sponsored post.

Only choose products or services that your readers will be interested in.

Also, you should use the product or service for a trial period, and you need to be honest. If the product sucks and you say its good and your readers buy it and find out it sucks. They aren’t going to trust you anymore. 

Also, you need to disclose that you are being paid to write the post. So people are clear about your relationship with the product or service.

Writing sponsored posts is a great way to monetize your blog because you get paid to write the post upfront. You don’t have to wait for the traffic or put the work into a product you might not get paid for.

However, you do need to have a significant amount of traffic before a company would consider you to write the post.


Memberships are another interesting way monetize your blog. Paid memberships can create a consistent flow of passive income.

The membership area is an area of your blog that people need to pay to access.

Membership areas can include premium content, a community area, special tools, coaching, or specific services offered just to paying members, or special software.

However, a membership area needs to be something that people will want to keep coming back to every month for new content or things that they can’t live without.

So you have to continually be keeping it up to date with fresh content or items.

Creating and charging a membership fees works great for established blogs with a great community need or following. 

Once you have an established blog, and you have a product that you will be adding new content to each week, consider adding a membership area to your blog to help you monetize it.


In this post, I shared with you 7 ways you can monetize your mom blog to help you make money online.

You can:

  • Promote affiliate products.
  • Sell digital products that you have created.
  • Sell physical products that you have created or wholesaled.
  • Sell your unique service, like ghostwriting, or photography.
  • Write sponsored review posts for products you love.
  • Sell advertising space on your high traffic blog.
  • Offer a membership area of your blog with high-value unique content.

You don’t have to pick just one!

Many bloggers use multiple streams of revenue to help them create income for their blog. It is just finding the right ones that will work for you and your audience.

How about you, do you already have a blog that you monetize? What methods do you use to monetize your blog, what ones do you find work well for you?

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